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Commander Communication Fire Truck Vehicle Factory Manufacturer

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The communication command vehicle is the “command center” for public security, fire protection and other departments for large-scale sites, mass evacuation, emergency rescue, and comprehensive movement. It adopts advanced high-power broadcast command system, modern wireless communication technology, computer technology, image acquisition and transmission technology, strong light lighting technology, etc.




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Communication command vehicle features

1. Ensure the normal operation of communication
2. Combat command function: There are independent meeting rooms, command rooms and other areas on the vehicle, which provide guarantee for giving full play to the command role of the vehicle. The command vehicle is equivalent to a mobile platform, which can be transferred to different disaster relief areas at any time according to needs, and assumes the role of issuing command orders to oversee the overall situation.
3. Reduced response time, faster and more efficient
4. Flexibility: Various facilities can be flexibly brought to designated areas
5. Can act as a remote office with ample space to keep everything you need together without the need for multiple forms of equipment transportation.
6. Can act as a mobile laboratory for on-site investigation; implement surveillance; become a hub for fast and clear communication with other units; serve as a mobile medical facility
7. Customization: Because the vehicle used as the communication command vehicle should be used as the operation center, free customization is accepted.


Model IVECO-Communication&Command
Chassis Power(KW) 107
Emission Standard Euro3/Euro6
Wheelbase(mm) 3950
Passengers 9
Monitor System MG-TC26M30-R-NH/MG-K110-C
Trunk radio UHF1:400-470MHZ/UHF3:350-400MHZ/VHF:136-174MHZ
shortwave radio USB/LSB/CW/RTTY/AM
Wireless Router SG/4G/wifi
Lighting system SJH135T

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