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High quality Compressed air foam fire engine Water Foam Fire Truck Fire Force Vehicle

Short Description:

TruckComprehensive rescue capabilities, compact structure, flexible maneuverability, vehicle operability, safety and intelligent control level are at the domestic advanced level.

The whole vehicle is equipped with an advanced compressed air foam system and adopts an integrated control panel, which has the characteristics of convenient and fast operation, high fire extinguishing efficiency, environmental protection, and small secondary losses caused by fire extinguishing. Good corrosion performance; the equipment box is made of special aluminum alloy shelf plates, which can be freely adjusted up and down, and various installation structures such as pull-out plates, trays, and high-strength plastic baskets are provided according to different equipment. The space utilization rate is high, and the equipment Equipped with a lot of equipment, it is convenient to use; it is equipped with a number of safety protection measures to achieve comprehensive protection and ensure the safety and reliability of the vehicle.

Equipped with fire pumps, winches, lifting lighting systems, demolition tools, life-saving appliances and other types of equipment, it is the main vehicle for fire fighting, flood control, traffic accidents and other disasters.

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length × width × height (mm): ≤ 8900 × 2520 × 3600

Wheelbase (mm): 4700

Driving and dynamic performance parameters

Power (kW): 257

cab occupants (person): 1+1+4 (original double-row four-door)

Emission standard: National VI

Fire extinguishing agent capacity: water tank capacity (L): 6500

Class A tank capacity (L): 500

Class B tank capacity (L): 1000

Fire performance parameters

Pump flow (L/min@Mpa): ≥3600@1.0

Gun flow (L/min): ≥2800

Gun range (m ): 60

Model Sinotruk Shandeka
Chassis Power(KW) 257kw
 Emission     Standard Euro6
Wheelbase(mm) 4700mm

1+1+4 (original double-row four-door)

Water tank capacity(kg) 6500kg
Fire pump 3600L/min@1.0MPa
Fire monitor ≥2800L/min
Water range(m) 60m

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