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How much do you know about fire trucks

Fire trucks, also known as fire fighting trucks, refer to special vehicles mainly used for fire response tasks. Fire departments in most countries, including China, also use them for other emergency rescue purposes.

Fire trucks can transport firefighters to disaster sites and provide them with multiple tools for disaster relief missions.

Modern fire trucks are usually equipped with steel ladders, water guns, portable fire extinguishers, self-contained breathing apparatus, protective clothing, demolition tools, first aid tools and other equipment, and some are also equipped with large fire extinguishing equipment such as water tanks, pumps, and foam fire extinguishing devices. Common types of fire trucks include water tank fire trucks, foam fire trucks, pump fire trucks, elevated platform fire trucks, and ladder fire trucks.

Nowadays, fire trucks are becoming more and more specialized. For example, carbon dioxide fire trucks are used to fight fires such as valuable equipment, precision instruments, important cultural relics and books and archives; airport rescue fire trucks are dedicated to the rescue and rescue of aircraft crash fires; lighting fire fighting The car provides lighting for fire fighting and rescue work at night; the smoke exhaust fire truck is especially suitable for fighting fires in underground buildings and warehouses.

There are various types of fire trucks with complex functions, which can be classified according to different standards. According to the carrying capacity of the fire truck chassis, they are classified into miniature fire trucks, light fire trucks, medium fire trucks, and heavy fire trucks; according to the appearance structure, they can be divided into single-bridge fire trucks , double-bridge fire truck, flat head fire truck, pointed head fire truck; according to the fire extinguisher, it can be divided into water tank fire truck, dry powder fire truck and foam fire truck.However, in general, the classification of fire trucks can be divided into following categories:

Aerial Ladder fire truck

The truck is equipped with a telescopic ladder, with a lifting bucket turntable and a fire extinguishing device, for firefighters to climb up to extinguish fires and rescue trapped people, and is suitable for fire fighting in high-rise buildings.


Aerial platform fire truck

There is a large hydraulic lifting platform on the truck for firefighters to climb up to fight fires in high-rise buildings and oil tanks, and rescue trapped people.


Fire trucks responsible for certain special firefighting technical operations other than firefighting, including:

Communication command fire truck

The truck is equipped with radio, telephone, amplifier and other communication equipment, which can be used by the fire field commander to direct fire fighting, rescue and communication.


Lighting fire truck

The truck is mainly equipped with power generation, generators, fixed lifting lighting towers, mobile lamps and communication equipment. It provides lighting for fire fighting and rescue work at night, and also serves as a temporary power source for the fire scene, and provides electricity for communications, broadcasting, and demolition equipment.


Emergency rescue fire truck

The truck is equipped with various fire rescue equipment, special protective equipment for firefighters, fire demolition tools and fire source detectors. It is a dedicated fire truck for emergency rescue tasks.


Water supply fire truck

The feature is that it is equipped with a large-capacity water storage tank and is equipped with a fire pump system. It is used as a backup vehicle for water supply at the fire site, and is suitable for drought and water shortage areas.


Liquid supply fire truck

The main equipment on the truck is the foam liquid tank and the foam liquid pump device. It is a backup vehicle specially designed to supply foam liquid to the fire scene.


Airport rescue fire truck

It has very good maneuverability. After getting the alarm of the plane crash, the car can drive to the crash site extremely quickly, spray light water foam on the fire part of the plane, prevent the spread of the fire, and win the extreme rescue for the back-up airport rescue fire truck. precious time.


Equipment fire truck

It is used to transport various fire-fighting equipment and accessories such as fire-fighting suction pipes, fire-fighting hoses, interfaces, demolition tools, and life-saving equipment to the fire scene.


Post time: Aug-15-2022