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Factory Direct Sale Water Foam Combined Fire Fighting Equipment and Accessories Supplies Fire Trucks

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Equipment fire trucks, also known as fire trucks, refer to vehicles that are designed and manufactured to be suitable for use by firefighters, equipped with various fire-fighting equipment or fire-extinguishing agents, and used by fire-fighting forces for fire-fighting, auxiliary fire-fighting or fire-fighting rescue. Most national fire departments in the country also use it for other emergency rescue purposes.
Modern equipment fire trucks are usually equipped with steel ladders, water guns, portable fire extinguishers, self-contained breathing apparatus, protective clothing, demolition tools, first aid tools and other equipment.


Price: $111,000-123,000


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Features of equipment fire truck

Vehicle equipped with electric traction winch
A high-power generator set is installed in the equipment box
Various fire fighting and emergency rescue equipment frames and pallets can be built as required
Roof with lift lighting system


The vehicle adopts the HOWO series chassis, which is comfortable and light to drive, with low noise and strong endurance. The car is flexible and efficient in rescue. It integrates public security management and control, fire prevention and patrol, fire publicity and education, community public safety publicity, personnel rescue, and initial fire. Combination of extinguishing and fire warning.

Flexible and comprehensive control of the field: It can be used as a 119 fast patrol vehicle, which is convenient for daily patrols in areas such as old buildings, urban villages, group rental houses, three-in-one, urban-rural borders, forests, etc., and obtains the initiative in dealing with disasters and accidents. Realize the inspection, control and command, and information transmission of the disaster site.

Advanced design and powerful performance: The vehicle is designed with full consideration to the maintenance and upgrading of systems and vehicles, and reserves a platform for it to ensure that the vehicle has strong maneuverability, complete functions, and equipment for a long period of time. Advanced, beautiful and comfortable emergency rescue equipment, constantly adapting to the needs of new forms.


 Model HOWO-Appliance
Chassis Power(KW) 327
Emission Standard Euro3
Wheelbase(mm) 4600+1400
Generator Power(KVA) 15
Lifting lights height(m)/power(kw) 8/4
Traction Winch Tension(Ibs) 16800
Electric stacker PSE12
Hydraulic lifting tailgate YT-QB15/130SPHL/1500SP
Factory Direct Sale Water Foam Combined Fire Fighting equipment and accessories supplies fire Trucks1
Factory Direct Sale Water Foam Combined Fire Fighting equipment and accessories supplies fire Trucks2

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