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Water Foam Tank Fire Fighting Truck Rescue Engine Fire Truck

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A rescue vehicle is a specialised vehicle used in technical rescue. It is designed to transport and provide the specialized equipment necessary for technical rescue.[1] They carry an array of special equipment such as the jaws of life, wooden cribbing, generators, winches, hi-lift jacks, cranes, cutting torches, circular saws and other forms of heavy equipment unavailable on standard trucks. This capability differentiates them from traditional pumper trucks or ladder trucks designed primarily to carry firefighters and their entry gear as well as on-board water tanks, hoses and equipment for fire extinguishing and light rescue. Most rescue vehicles lack on-board water tanks and pumping gear, owing to their specialized role. A rescue vehicle is typically operated by a rescue squad, but in some areas it may be integrated with emergency medical services or fire departments.


Price: $241,000-266,000


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Fire equipment

Air foam gun, water gun, fire hose, water filter, water separator, fire hose, hose hook, water belt cloth, reducer interface, same type interface, DC water gun, fire hydrant transition joint, flowering water gun, DC Switch water gun, sheep scorpion, ground wrench, suction pipe wrench, belt bridge, mixer pipette, waist axe, fire axe, shovel, shovel.

Emergency equipment

Ladder, bamboo ladder, iron ladder, etc. (overhead), motorized chain saw, hydraulic expansion pliers, portable universal cutter, climber, lifting air cushion, pneumatic rescue tool, gas cutter, axe, boring, pliers, Hey.

Protective equipment

Fire helmets, fire fighting suits, fire gloves and fire boots, fire safety belts and insurance hooks, respiratory protection devices, built-in heavy chemical protective clothing, closed chemical protective clothing, fireproof chemical protective clothing, military anti-chemical protective clothing, simple Chemical protective clothing, fire-proof clothing, mobile air supply, double cylinder respirator, multi-purpose canister, anti-chemical gloves, electric insulating gloves, cut-proof gloves, high temperature gloves, anti-chemical safety boots.


Chassis Power(KW) 213
Emission Standard Euro6
Wheelbase(mm) 4425
Passengers 6
Lifting Weight(kg) 5000
Traction Winch Tension(Ibs) 16800
Generator Power(KVA) 15
Lifting lights height(m) 8
Lifting lights power(kw) 4
Equipment capacity(pcs) ≥80
Water Foam Tank Fire Fighting Truck Rescue Engine Fire Truck2
Water Foam Tank Fire Fighting Truck Rescue Engine Fire Truck1

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