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Factory Price ISUZU Special Truck Water and Foam Tank Rescue Vehicle Fire Engine Fire Extinguisher Vehicle Fire Fighting Pump Truck

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Fire rescue trucks are also known as rescue vehicles, rescue fire engines, rescue vehicles, and other names. Fire rescue trucks are usually equipped with various fire rescue equipment, firefighters special protective equipment, fire rescue tools, and fire source detectors. They are special duty fire trucks responsible for rescue missions.


Price: $100,000-108,000


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Rescue vehicle consists of the car chassis, the upper body (with emergency rescue equipment), the power take-off and transmission, the generator (shaft or independent generator), the winch (hydraulic or electric), the truck crane ( Generally folding arm type, behind the car body), lifting lighting system, electrical system. According to the use of fire rescue vehicles, the specific configuration of the car is not the same, such as truck cranes, winches, generators, lift lights, etc. not all of the rescue vehicles have. Rescue fire trucks are divided into ordinary rescue vehicles, chemical rescue fire trucks, and special rescue vehicles (such as earthquake rescue vehicles).


Lifting, self-rescue/traction, clearing, power generation, lighting, etc. It can be equipped with a large number of fire-fighting equipment or tools, such as demolition, detection, plugging, protection, etc. The interior of the trucks is made of aluminum alloy profiles. Adjustable modular structure, reasonable space layout, safe and convenient tool access, belonging to special fire trucks, widely used in firefighting units, dealing with various natural disasters, emergencies and rescue, rescue and other fields.

Rescue fire trucks can be divided into two types

Light vehicles and heavy vehicles. Light vehicle configuration: The chassis is a carrier, and the special functions are: traction, power generation, lighting and rescue, and rescue tools. Heavy-duty vehicle configuration: Special functions include: lifting, traction, power generation, lighting and rescue tools.


Chassis Power(KW) 205
Emission Standard Euro3
Wheelbase(mm) 4500
Passengers 6
Lifting Weight(kg) 5000
Traction Winch Tension(Ibs) 16800
Generator Power(KVA) 15
Lifting lights height(m) 8
Lifting lights power(kw) 4
Equipment capacity(pcs) ≥80
Factory Price ISUZU Special Truck Water and Foam Tank Rescue Vehicle Fire Engine Fire1
China Discount Fire Fighting Truck ISUZU 6ton 6000L Water Tank Fire Truck Fire Fighting Equipment5

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