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Sitrak Fire TruckSitrak Fire Truck Supplier high-quality 16t water tank fire truck online

Short Description:

The 16-ton heavy-duty large-flow water tank fire truck is innovatively designed in combination with advanced design concepts at home and abroad and actual fire-fighting needs. The whole vehicle has a number of safety protection measures, and its technical and performance parameters are at the domestic advanced level.

The Sinotruk Sitrak series 6×4 chassis is selected, the vehicle has a large amount of fluid, and is equipped with a conventional fire extinguishing system, which is suitable for fighting Class A fires in industrial and civil buildings, and can also fight Class B fires in petrochemical, coal chemical, and oil depots; alloy body , light weight, high strength, good corrosion resistance, can carry a variety of emergency rescue equipment. This vehicle can also carry out relay water supply, which is the first choice fire extinguishing tool for urban emergency rescue fire brigade and enterprise full-time fire fighting unit.

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Chassis Information

Manufacturer: Sinotruk Sitrak

Model: ZZ5356V524MF5

Wheelbase: 4600+1400mm

Drive form: 6×4 (man original double cab technology)

Tire specification: 385/65R22.5/315/80R22.5/10

ABS anti-lock braking system;

Service brake type: double circuit air brake;

Parking and parking type: spring energy storage air brake;

Auxiliary brake type: engine exhaust brake

Engine  Information

Model: MC13.54-61 in-line six-cylinder, liquid-cooled, supercharged intercooled, direct-injection diesel engine (Germany MAN technology)

Power: 400kW

Torque: 2508(N·m)

Emission standard: Euro VI

Vehicle parameters

Full load weight: 32200 kg

Passengers: 2+4 (persons) original double-row four-door

Maximum speed: 90km/h

Allowable load of front axle/rear axle: 35000kg (9000kg+13000kg+13000kg)

Dimensions (length × width × height):

10180mm × 2530mm × 3780mm

Fuel system: 300 liter fuel tank

Generator: 28V/2200W

Battery: 2×12V/180Ah

Transmission: Manual Transmission

Fire pump

Pressure: 1.3MPa

Flow: 80L/S@1.0MPa

Fire monitor

Pressure: 1.0Mpa

Flow rate: 60 L/S

Range: 70 (water)

Fire monitor type: Manually control the fire monitor, which can realize horizontal rotation and pitching

Fire monitor installation location: top of the vehicle

Tank  Information

Liquid capacity: 16000 L water

Tank body material: water tank high-quality carbon steel, bottom plate thickness 5mm, side plate thickness 4mm, top plate and partition 3mm, inner wall heavy anti-corrosion

Pipe material: high quality steel

Model Sitrak-16T(water tank)
Chassis Power(KW) 400kw
 Emission     Standard Euro6
Wheelbasemm 4600+1400mm
Passengers 2+4 (persons) original double-row four-door
Water tank capacitykg 16000kg
Fire pump 80L/S@1.0MPa
Fire monitor 60L/s
Water rangem ≥ 70m

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