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China Factory Manufacturer ISUZU 2ton Water Tank Fire Fighting Truck Vehicle

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Fire fighting truck also called fire engines, modern fire engines are usually equipped with steel ladders, water guns, portable fire extinguishers, self-contained breathing apparatus, protective clothing, rescue tools, first-aid tools, etc. Some of them will also be equipped with large fire-fighting equipment such as water tanks, water pumps and foam fire-fighting devices.




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Fire Truck Features

1. Composed of liquid tank, pump room, equipment box, power output and transmission system, pipeline system, electrical system, etc.
2. Adopts a double-row integral structure, with a wide field of vision and a large number of occupants; the fire truck can extinguish fires while on the move, with a long range and strong fighting power.
3. We have optional normal pressure fire pump, medium and low pressure fire pump, high and low pressure fire pump.
4. The frame of the equipment compartment is made of high-quality carbon steel plates, the inner frame is made of high-strength aluminum alloy profiles, and the built-in lap structure is designed and manufactured. The interior panel is made of patterned aluminum, and the surface is anodized, which is strong and durable. In terms of structure, the equipment compartment is reasonably arranged, the equipment is more convenient to access, and the special fixture fixing device makes the equipment storage more secure.
5. The carriage is made of high-quality steel, high-strength aluminum alloy profiles, the inner and outer skins are all made of corrugated aluminum, and the tank body is designed with multiple anti-wave plates.
6. Pump room is equipped with water pump system, various instruments, indicator lights, liquid level gauges, pressure gauges, vacuum gauges and other devices.
7. Rolling shutter door of the equipment compartment is designed and made of high-quality aluminum alloy, which is flexible in opening and closing, low in noise, good in sealing, and beautiful in appearance.


Model ISUZU-2Ton(water tank)
Chassis Power(KW) 96
 Emission     Standard Euro3
Wheelbase(mm) 3815
Passengers 6
Water tank capacity(kg) 2000
Foam tank capacity(kg) /
Fire pump 20L/S@1.0 Mpaa
Fire monitor 20L/S
Water range(m) ≥50
Foam range(m) /
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China Factory Manufacturer ISUZU 2ton water tank fire fighting truck vehicle3

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