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China Supplier/Manufacturer Discount DONGFENG 2TON Water Tank Fire Truck Fire Fighting Vehicle

Short Description:

Fire fighting truckis a vehicle designed and manufactured to suit the needs of firefighters and equipped with various fire-fighting equipment or fire-extinguishing agents for firefighting, auxiliary firefighting or firefighting, including China. Most national fire departments within the country will also use it for other emergency rescue purposes. Fire trucks can transport firefighters to the scene of the disaster and provide a variety of tools for their disaster relief missions.Common types of fire trucks include water tank fire trucks, foam fire trucks, pump fire trucks, ascending platform fire trucks, and ladder ladder fire trucks.Fire trucks in most areas have a red appearance, but some areas have yellowish appearances, as do some special fire trucks. The top of the fire truck usually has alarm bells, warning lights and strobe lights.




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Fire Truck Material

The main frame adopts high-quality steel frame structure, adopts carbon dioxide protection welding to complete the overall skeleton structure, and the outer decorative board, inner sealing board and floor adopt anodized flat aluminum plate,so it’s very strong and durable.

Doors:The shutter doors on both sides and the rear of the pump room are made of aluminum alloy with a lock structure, which has good sealing and dustproof functions.The lower skirt of the rolling door is equipped with an outward-turning steel frame. The opening and closing of the pedal are double-fixed by a double tension spring hinge limit device. The aluminum alloy pattern cover structure pedal door has reliable safety performance.

Fire Truck Features

1. Integral two-door design
2. Top installed police light siren
3. LED lights flash full vehicle
4. Electromagnetic clutch
5. Aluminum alloy impeller fire pump
6. Well-known brand fire monitor
7. Integral frame-type welded structure body
8. Reasonable design equipment compartment
9. Floor with aluminum alloy checkered sheet
10. Aluminum alloy shutter doors


Model DONGFENG-2Ton(water tank)
Chassis Power(KW) 85
 Emission     Standard Euro3
Wheelbase(mm) 3308
Passengers 6
Water tank capacity(kg) 2000
Foam tank capacity(kg) /
Fire pump 20L/S@1.0 Mpaa
Fire monitor 20L/S
Water range(m) ≥50
Foam range(m) /
4x2 Dongfeng 6tons water left right hand drive emergency2
4x2 Dongfeng 6tons water left right hand drive emergency1

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