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Sinotruck HOWO 4TON Foam Water Tank Fire Fighting Vehicle

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The fire trucks can be classified according to different standards. Among them, the fire truck chassis capacity includes micro-fire trucks, light fire trucks, medium-sized fire trucks, and heavy-duty fire trucks. According to the appearance structure, it can be divided into single-bridge fire trucks, double-bridge fire trucks, flat-head fire trucks, and pointed fire trucks; according to fire-extinguishing agents, they can be divided into water tank fire trucks, dry powder fire trucks, and foam fire trucks.




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Based on installation position of the pump on the fire truck

1. Type of front pump fire truck: the pump is installed at the front end of the fire truck. The advantage is that the maintenance pump is convenient, it is suitable for medium and light fire trucks;
2. Fire truck with center pump: pump installation in the middle position of the fire truck; at present, most of the fire trucks in China adopt this type: the advantage is that the overall layout of the whole vehicle is reasonable;
3. Fire truck with rear pump: the characteristic is that the pump repair is more convenient than the middle pump;
4. Fire truck with inverted pump, the pump is located on the side of the frame, and the airport rescue fire truck with the rear engine is known in this type. This arrangement can reduce the center of gravity of the vehicle and bring convenience to the maintenance pump.
5. Normally, fire trucks include water tank fire truck and foam fire trucks. Water tank fire truck equipped with water storage tank, fire pumps, fire fighting water cannon, and other fire equipment to put out the fire. It also can absorb water directly and supply water to another fire vehicle, equipment or water supply shortage region. It is suitable for general fire put out.


Model HOWO-4Ton(foam tank)
Chassis Power(KW) 118
 Emission     Standard Euro3
Wheelbase(mm) 3280
Passengers 6
Water tank capacity(kg) 3000
Foam tank capacity(kg) 1000
Fire pump 30L/S@1.0 Mpa/15L/S@2.0 Mpa
Fire monitor 24L/S
Water range(m) ≥60
Foam range(m) ≥55
New Sinotruk HOWO 4ton Water Tank Pump Fire Extinguisher2
Sinotruck HOWO 4TON Foam Water Tank Fire Fighting Vehicle Fire Truck1

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