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New Sinotruk HOWO 4ton Water Tank Pump Fire Extinguisher Fire Fighting Truck Cheap Price Fire Truck

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Fire fighting truck also is known as a fire truck, fire engine,fire apparatus, are special vehicles used primarily to perform fire response tasks. Modern fire fighting trucks are usually equipped with steel ladders, water guns, portable fire extinguishers, self-contained breathing apparatus, protective clothing, rescue tools, first aid tools, etc. In addition, some of them will be equipped with large fire extinguishing equipment such as water tanks, water pumps and foam fire extinguishing devices. The fire trucks in most areas have a red appearance, but some parts of the fire trucks have a yellow appearance. Some special fire trucks also have the same. The top of the fire trucks usually has alarm bells, warning lights and strobe lights.


Cheap Price$25,000-33,000


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Our main products are all kinds of water tank, foam,dry powder fire truck, emergency rescue fire truck, multifunctional lighting fire truck, high platform fire truck, held high jet fire truck, strong arm forcible entry multifunctional fire truck, city battle fire truck, strong eject smoke fire truck and super-high water supply and other kinds of special trucks. In addition, the company has developed the city emergency water supply and drainage equipment, fire foam liquid remote delivery system, satellite communication command vehicle, ligh-duty high-mobility, emergency fuel truck for group vehicles, municipal drainage trucks, ambulance cars and other series products.

Water and foam fire truck water tank equipped with a fire pump and foam mixed system, bubble gun, cannon, and etc., can spray water and foam mixture to put out the fire during extinguish. It is Firefighting suitable in the petrochemical industry, power plants, and valuable equipment instruments, it is the necessary fire truck for petrochemical enterprises, oil terminals, airport, and city fire extinguish field.

More Details

1. Basic component :antirust tank, connecting device, special self suction sprinkler pump, pipeline, spray outlet, work platform.
2. Tank body adopts high quality carbon steel plate produced in WISCO, using a large machine molding, junction of the tank head and body using advanced arc welding process.
3. Optional configuration: medicine wheel, drug pump, tank anti-corrosion rust-proof, multi-directional water joints.


Model HOWO-4Ton(water tank)
Chassis Power(KW) 118
 Emission     Standard Euro3
Wheelbase(mm) 3280
Passengers 6
Water tank capacity(kg) 4000
Foam tank capacity(kg) /
Fire pump 30L/S@1.0 Mpa/15L/S@2.0 Mpa
Fire monitor 24L/S
Water range(m) ≥60
Foam range(m) /
New Sinotruk HOWO 4ton Water Tank Pump Fire Extinguisher2
New Sinotruk HOWO 4ton Water Tank Pump Fire Extinguisher5
New Sinotruk HOWO 4ton Water Tank Pump Fire Extinguisher4

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